If you have a big vision and you know that you’re destined for bigger things, I will help you step into your full feminine leadership power, to follow your bliss and bring your big vision to life.

That way, you can have the time, energy and freedom to live a purposeful, joyful, extraordinary life on your terms.

If anything I’ve shared sparks something inside of you, we absolutely need to talk! You’re going through a big transformation and empowering women like you is what I do best.


When you work with me, you will discover that your most amplified life is available:

Amplified Love: Overcome your limiting beliefs, step into your full feminine leadership power and bring your big vision to life.

Amplified Happiness: Make clear decisions and positive steps towards launching your big blissful vision.

Amplified Success: Amplify your true soul purpose, share your big vision with the world and monitize it.


My clients create extraordinary success

“Abigail has been such a source of support and inspiration to me over the last 6 months. It is incredible how much my life has changed; I left my corporate job that was making me miserable and unwell and am now setting up my own business. The process has not been easy and there have been many hurdles and periods of self doubt.

Throughout this whole journey Abi has been by my side; she has given me the strength to keep going and has helped me break through each barrier. I know I can go on to achieve my vision and I can honestly say I would not have got this far without Abi.”

Natalie Wood
Founder, Natalie Wood Coaching

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