Have you been dreading going back to work today after the holidays?


I’m picturing the scene now. You, spending time with your family and friends over the Christmas holidays.

It’s that strange period in between Christmas and New Year. 

When you stay in your pyjamas. 

There are still Christmas songs on the radio and maybe a mince pie or two left to eat. You’re eating turkey sandwiches every day for lunch but you don’t care because you’re not at work. 

It’s been lovely. You’ve decided when you want to wake up and what you want to do. Ok Christmas Day may have been a teeny weeny bit stressful but you got through it. And most importantly you spent loads of quality time with the people you love most in the world.

The days go by quicker than you think.  It’s New Year’s Eve. Time to party or maybe just stay on the sofa in your pyjamas and eat more mince pies. 

You’re really beginning to relax. You like this feeling.

No pressure. No work. No boring meetings.

It’s now New Year’s Day. Maybe you go for a walk, maybe you have a lie in.

It’s suddenly the afternoon. Gosh that’s gone quick.

You have a feeling in the pit of your stomach. You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s making you feel a bit anxious.

The feeling grows and grows. It starts to loom over you. A sense of doom.

You’re going back to work tomorrow.

You’re now clock watching.

It’s 5pm, better start thinking about making dinner.

7pm…..dinner’s over….I’ll distract myself with some TV.

8pm….time’s rushing by arrrrgh…

9pm….only an hour until bed.

10pm….if I go to bed now morning will come quicker so I’ll stay up a bit later.

I’m feeling it with you. I know what it feels like.

The feeling of dread. I have work tomorrow…I don’t want to go.

I felt like that every single New Year’s day for 14 years.

Without sounding a little bit smug, I didn’t feel like that this year. I haven’t felt like that for the last 3 years.

Because I’m not working in a corporate job that’s sucking my soul away. I’m doing something that I really love.

And I was really looking forward to work today. Who can blame me…I get to write this blog that will help you turn your life around too!

So my advice for you if you’ve been dreading going back to work?

LEAVE and do something different.

Now I know that’s easier said than done and I know that you can’t make that change overnight but what you can do is get CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHAT YOU WANT.

So instead of feeling frustrated that you’ve had to go back to a job that you don’t love anymore…use this time to plan your next steps.

Make a list of all the things you are going to make happen in 2019. NO LIMITING BELIEFS. Write EVERYTHING you want to achieve, even if you don’t believe it yet.

Where are you going to work?

How much money are you earning?

How much free time do you have?

Write it in the PRESENT tense. This is how to train your brain to start operating in the energy of abundance.

The new year is the ideal time to release and let go of the past and look to the future. 

With excitement!

So what if you hate your job. You can change it!

Yes it’s a choice…you can CHOOSE to change it.

If you’re blaming everyone and everything else for your circumstances it’s time to stop that way of thinking. 

YOU are the creator of your life. And YOU can change it around.

That’s pretty darn liberating isn’t it?!

In next week’s blog I’m going to share some new year practices that helped me get into the right mindset and really turned my life around when I was unhappy in corporate.

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Abigail Rebecca