How Successful Female Leaders Build Communities to Bring Their Big Vision to Life

How Successful Female Leaders Build Communities to Bring Their Big Vision to Life

In the course of the day, do you ever stop and imagine what it would be like if you were to achieve that one big goal that you’ve set your mind to?

Maybe it’s to launch a big project within your organisation. Or maybe it’s to grow and achieve bigger things within your business. Or you may even want to leave your current role and launch the company of your dreams.

Imagine achieving that goal.

Imagine that being your reality.

But there's a strange pattern that often occurs for female leaders after they’ve created a certain level of success.

It’s called The Plateau.

It's where you get STUCK.


Your heart knows that you’re destined for bigger things. An extraordinary life and extraordinary success in your career. And you have so many ideas.

But you keep putting them off. 

Because you don’t really know where to start.
And you’re really busy.
So it falls into the ‘one day’ category.

And guess what……’one day’ never comes.

However, there are also patterns that emerge when you follow the journey of really successful women. 

Women who are living a purposeful, extraordinary life.

Women who have brought their big vision to life.

I speak to many women who have achieved many things that they never thought possible. But they haven’t done it on their own.

They’ve built a community to support their big vision and TOGETHER they have brought it to life.

It’s their business, their ideas and quite often, their investment. But the people around them have helped them to make their vision a reality because they are so enrolled, they will go out of their way to help and support them. 

So if you’re struggling to bring your big idea to life my advice to you is to build a community to support your big vision.

That’s easier said than done because, what I find from working with many female leaders, is that leaders can often struggle when trying to strike the right balance between building relationships and getting down to business. 

But as women we don’t naturally behave like this…it’s learnt behaviour. It’s how we’ve adapted to behave in the workplace to get our place at the table.

The largely male dominated table. 

Because as women, we have an abundance of amazing natural leadership skills, one of which is really effective communication.

Great communicators make great leaders according to Harvard Business School professor Nitin Nohria, who writes that great leaders "spend the bulk of their time communicating." And there are many studies to suggest that women are better at verbalising what they think.

We are also naturally empathetic. This powerful ability to understand how others are feeling is a skill that "clearly contributes to effective leadership”, says a white paper published by the Center for Creative Leadership.

That’s why women make terrific coaches and mentors.

We are also visionary, we look at problems differently and we have the great ability to think long term.

But what I really love to witness is the ability that female leaders have to work together and produce outstanding results through collaboration.

So if we are naturally good at all of these things, including communication, why is it often difficult to build really deep and meaningful relationships?

One of the reasons may be because, to build a deep connection with someone you need to be vulnerable. And many female leaders tell me they are not prepared to do that.

As one senior leader told me the other day, ‘If they see a chink in your armour they will go for it. And once you have a reputation for being weak and vulnerable, that’s it. Career over’.

So where does that leave you? 

Where does that leave your business?

And most importantly, where does that leave your big vision?

As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Imagine what could be achieved if we worked as one. If we stripped back all the insecurities, the ego talk and the limiting beliefs.

Imagine what YOU could achieve. 

If we opened up and had REAL conversations in our businesses. Not pretend ones because people are worried about saying something that could be perceived as weak or incompetent or not a team player.

It takes courage to show your true self and not be an edited version of yourself that you only reserve for business.  It also takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and bring your big vision to life.

And we become more courageous when we work together.

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Abigail Rebecca