Why Communication is The Key to Personal And Career Success.

Why communication is the key to personal and career success

There’s no point in having a big vision if you can’t share it with other people. By sharing your ideas, you’ll start to build a community of people around you who are excited about your vision and will support you in bringing your big vision to life. So effective communication is hugely important.

And by communicating I don’t just mean talking. I mean really expressing why your big vision is important, the difference it will make and your purpose for creating it, so that you are enrolling other people in your vision.

Business is all about communication. Paul J. Meyer said that “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”

Leaders can often struggle when trying to strike the right balance between building relationships and getting down to business. 

If I’m really honest with myself, communication was never my strongest point.  I was good at talking. I could start up a conversation with anyone. But I was a really bad listener. And I found it difficult to express what I really wanted help with.

But I’m getting better. I’m always working on it. Big time. And the better I am at communication, the better I am at building relationships and building a community of people around me who are helping me bring my big vision to life because they are enrolled in it.

So whether it’s investors, partners, collaborators or clients that you are looking to attract, I’m offering you a way to learn from others mistakes.

In this video I share the most common communication mistakes (and how to avoid them).

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Abigail Rebecca