How to Repel Energy Vampires (and other a**holes)

How to repel energy vampires (and other a**holes)

I am done with assholes. I don't have time for them in my life anymore.

They are energy vampires. They don't bring me joy. I have created success and happiness in my life through following my bliss. 

Assholes do not make me feel blissful.

But sometime they are unavoidable.

However, I realise that for the vast majority of my life I tolerated assholes. Looking back, and after some DEEP discovery work, I know that it stems from my family dynamics.

I am the baby of the family.

My brother and sister are 9 and 11 years older than me.

Way into adulthood, my parents and siblings would still treat me like the baby sister, like I was a nuisance. They would energetically pat me on the head and tell me to go away as the grown-ups are now talking. 

When I started to be aware of this, and wanted to empower myself to make some changes, I got super honest with myself and asked, ‘How am I actually showing up to the party?’ 

Am I presenting myself as an empowered, confident adult woman or still as a little girl? 

We adopt roles when we are young to fit into the family dynamics. As younger siblings, it often serves us to be cute and vulnerable so we are nurtured and protected by the others in the pack. (So we don't get thrown out of the tribe, at primal level) But as we get into adulthood that role no longer serves us. 

So I realised there was still an element of that within me and I shifted my energy and set my boundaries.

As I the dynamics of my relationships changed with my siblings I started to notice shifts in other relationships that were disempowering me.

So join me on the video below, where I'll share the 5 things that have helped me to become a top asshole repeller! (And what I do when one slips through the net)

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