Five Ways to Discover Your Purpose Part 2

Five Ways to Discover Your Purpose Part 2

I speak to many women, like you, who are stuck. They are stuck in a life that’s not making their heart sing. They lack vision and focus. They long to find work that’s fulfilling and they can feel passionate about.

As a new client wrote last week: “Every day feels like Groundhog Day”.

Maybe you’re not moving forward because you’re not sure what you want to do. You don’t know what your purpose is. You feel this intense pressure to ‘find your purpose’ because that’s what everyone is saying that you HAVE to do.

So you stay stuck because it’s too overwhelming to figure it all out. Staying in an mediocre job for years and ignoring your feelings because that mediocre job is in your comfort zone.

Even though your soul dies a little every day.

I did this for many years. Until I had an aha moment. 

I realised that my purpose is to be joyful. 

My purpose is to be happy.

And just maybe, my purpose is to help other women achieve this. 

Now isn’t that easier? More manageable? That your purpose is to be joyful and happy?

When I realised that my purpose was to seek joy, it took the pressure off a little. I found it a little less overwhelming.

But then I realised that being in a state of joy wouldn’t necessarily pay the bills. How on earth would I create the income required to move away from a job that was suffocating me and create my own business?

It took me a bit longer to work that one out.

So how do you bring more joy into your life by doing something that you love doing AND bring the money in? 

In this video, I’ll share exactly how I worked out what my purpose was, and how I could make money from doing it. 

This is the exact technique I teach my private coaching clients. 

If you feel that every day is Groundhog Day and you want to make changes but don’t know how, then I can help.

Click here to book a free connection call with me and I’ll help you get unstuck and on your way to a happier, free, financially abundant life.

Abigail Rebecca