Introducing the five invisible success blockers


Do you feel empowered?

Really thinking about it, what does that word actually mean?

I hear it all the time. But I never really understood what it stood for until I started to live and breathe it.

For me, it really stands for something. To be truly happy and confident in my skin. In terms of my business and my mission, it means feeling totally aligned to my soul purpose. It means that I have consciously chosen to be me so I feel authentic. I am authentic. I’m not trying to be someone else and that message is transferred through all my touch points.

To my social media followers, my email list, when I speak on stages, when I meet someone at an event. All of my actions.

I speak my truth.

I own all of me. Even the uncomfortable, arsey, frustrated ego me who sometimes gets so overwhelmed that she has to go for a little cry and a lie down. 

Yes I’m human. And yes she shows up now and again.

But I own her. I stand for her. She’s just scared and needs a little re-assurance.

So how empowered do you feel? How enrolled are you in your own vision and the impact you are making in this world.

Because if you want to be a success, if you want to be big then you need to play big.

And when you feel like an empowered, confident goddess you can go out into the world and make a huge impact.

You can stand up and be confident so that people listen to you.

They will respect you. They will feel inspired by you. They see your light. And they want to be a part of it. You ILLUMINATE everything you touch. You’re an unstoppable force.

That is true empowerment.

So if you're feeling frustrated that you're not creating the success and the income that you truly desire in your business (or career) then you're probably making some really common mistakes that you're not even aware of.

These mistakes take away our power and block our success.

In the following video I introduce you to the 5 INVISIBLE SUCCESS BLOCKERS and how you can overcome them.


Abigail Rebecca