How to create content for your Facebook live show and NEVER run out of things to say!

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One of the questions I get asked the most is, "how do you come up with the content for regular Facebook live shows?" and my answer always is


You find out what your audience wants to know about and then you plan it all in advance.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders we are reactionary most of the time. Our content can often be built around how we’re feeling that day, client feedback and wins (or fails) so it’s good to be reactionary but it’s so important to inject some strategy so there’s a clear pathway of learning.

Have you ever come across a business leader who gives great advice and tips but their content is all over the place? There’s no structure, it's quite sporadic.

That’s because they don’t have an effective communication plan in place, they just throw it out there.

You’d be surprised at the number of coaches and business leaders I speak to that don’t have an effective communication plan and just that one little tweak could make such an impact on their business.

So a communication plan is the way forward and here’s some advice for when you’re creating one.

  • Design your communication plan in November, in time for the new year.

  • Your communication plan needs to come from a place of love. Don’t just complete it as a task to tick off your to do list. Really listen to your heart and be in a space of creation….you're creating a way in which you’re going to implement your vision, attract your clients and grow your business over the next year, remember that.

  • Make the creation process a nice experience. Get a big piece of paper, put on some music maybe a candle. Get in the zone!

  • Plan it around your vision, purpose and mission.

  • Design it for your ideal client…think who is my audience? This way you can fine tune your message.

To watch how I put my communication plan together, click on the video below.

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