Three Things I’d tell My ‘Stressed Out Working In Corporate 35 Year Old Self'


If you’ve followed my blogs for a while you may be familiar with my story.

I worked in a corporate job for over 14 years and I completely burnt myself out. 

I was miserable , anxious and living with a heart condition that was triggered by stress. Even though I was taking regular trips to the ER, my anxiety was affecting my relationship with my partner and I’d put on a tonne of weight because I was eating to numb my pain, I still didn’t give up.

I’ve often looked back at that time in my life and asked myself why.

Why was it so difficult to give up something that was making me so miserable?

I guess that I was so conditioned to working in corporate, to taking home a nice juicy pay check every month and feeling proud about my ‘status’ in life, I didn’t want to admit that I was failing and I daren’t even imagine there was another way out.

So I stuck it out….for years.

I ignored my unhappiness and my heart condition, pulled my socks up and just got on with it.

I carried on until my body refused to be ignored anymore and gave me a 210 heart rate that lasted for 3 days and put me out of action for several weeks.

Damm you body, for making me wake up and realise that I had to put a stop to it!

So yesterday I was interviewed on Live Mastery Radio on the Talk Radio Network by the wonderful Todd Alan and Debby Handrich.

One of the questions that Todd asked me was:

If you could go back and give some advice to yourself when you worked in corporate, what would it be?

Good question! 

So here’s the advice I would give my 35 year old self:

  1. Please don’t change who you are and loose your identity. Don’t turn into the person that corporate want you to be. (If it’s not you) Stand your ground and embrace all your natural qualities. Be your authentic self.

  2. Listen to your body and your gut instinct. Slow down when you need to take a break. Corporate do not own you. Look after your body and mind so you’re around for a long time and you have a happy life. Self care is so important. There’s nothing ‘weak’ about taking time out.

  3. Lose the ego already. Don’t stick something out because you think you’ll be a failure if you leave your job….or even worry that others will think you’re a failure. It’s your life not theirs. And you only have one life so live it to the fullest. Be happy and free! 

Click here to listen to the full interview on Live Mind Mastery Radio.

In my interview I give away the Big Change Small Steps Roadmap as a free gift which you can download here.

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