It’s time to get out of those stretchy pants and in to a new mindset!

We’ve all been there, especially those of us who leave corporate.

“Yipeeeeee I’m free. No more waking up in the morning and having to get ready in a big old rush. No 'corporate uniform' of stiff suits and shirts, sweltering in the summer heat……..ooooh what shall I wear? I just want to be comfy……ooooh those stretchy pants look nice!”

Before you know it, stretchy pants have become your best friend….alongside no make up and top knot hair. “I feel soooo comfy, this is nice”.

Stretchy pants often accompany you on to video calls, snugly comforting your bottom whilst your top half is camera ready. Yes….....we’ve all been there.

I’m here to tell you right here, right now that stretchy pants are NOT your friend and I’m shouting down a big old megaphone to say STEP AWAY FROM THE STRETCHY PANTS.

I once had this conversation with someone at a networking event and she proudly told me that she wore stretchy pants on all her sales calls. She said she liked the fact that she know she was wearing stretchy pants but her potential client didn't as they could only see her top half. “Really”? I asked her…..”What’s your close rate?”

So here’s why you should step away from the stretchy pants…..

  • It will affect your performance. You may feel all lovely and warm and snuggly but is that really how you want to feel on a sales call or when you’re delivering some training?…..get out of those stretchy pants.
  • It's not fair on your clients. Do you really think you’re showing up as your best self to your clients and giving them your all when you’re slouching around in your pyjama bottoms with remnants of Ben on one thigh and Jerry on the other?….get out of those stretchy pants.
  • You may not notice that your stretchy pants are getting tighter. Sitting on your bottom working from home all day, check. Eating 3 square meals a day, check. A bit of chocolate to keep your energy levels up, check. Leftovers from the kid’s breakfast, check. Not noticing that you've put on a few pounds because you're lolling around in stretchy pants all day, check…..get out of those stretchy pants
  • What happens if a spider runs over your foot and you’re on a webinar????? You’ll jump up out of your chair and the whole world will see your fleecy under carriage…..get out of those stretchy pants

Seriously now, do you feel like a successful, go getting, money making rocking it business women in your stretchy pant? Really???? 

I’m not telling you to sit there like a trussed up turkey and be uncomfortable all day but for God’s sake please get out of those stretchy pants… you’ll thank me for it, especially when a spider runs over your foot :)

P.S What happened to the lady at the networking event? She became one of my clients, got out of her stretchy pants and doubled her conversation rates. Boom!

P.P.S Leave your comments below, I'd love to know what you think.