Why it's important to wear the right colours

Introducing colour to your wardrobe instantly updates it, whilst giving the world a snapshot of your personality, state of mind and attitude. However, it’s important to choose the right colours for your skin tone, eyes and hair as this can mean the difference between looking radiant and fresh or quite frankly, a little bit ill.

So what are the benefits of wearing the right colours?

It makes you look younger

Wearing the right colours instantly make your eyes pop, making them look bigger and more youthful. It also defines your jawline, again instantly making you look younger.

It makes you look slimmer

As well as defining your jawline and giving you a slimmer, tighter face, the right colours also make your body look slimmer. Certain colours reflect the light, making you look larger but other colours absorb the light, making you look smaller.

It makes you look more radiant

The right colours make your hair glossier, your skin smoother and your eyes brighter.

It sends the right messages to the world

Colours have both positive and negative signals; the art is knowing what is appropriate for the occasion. For example, red can be seen as confident and exciting but it can also be seen as bossy and threatening. It’s important to understand the messages you are sending through the colours you wear.

It makes your look current

This season’s colours instantly update your wardrobe making you look current and on trend. Please remember, just because it’s fashionable doesn’t mean it looks good on you. The trick is to pick your colours from the upcoming season.

You start getting compliments

People start to notice your youthful looks, glowing skin and glossy hair and you start to get compliments on your new look which is always a lovely thing isn’t it? I get so much feedback from my clients to say that friends and work colleagues are commenting on how great they look and asking if they’ve lost weight. That’s what clever dressing does for you!

So you see, colour is most definitely your best friend. Happy shopping!