12 rules to look good in a suit

Let’s face it, we’re all judged by the way we dress, especially in business. Edith Head once said “You can have anything you want in life as long as you dress for it”. Whether you’re looking for a new job, working towards promotion or want to secure a new contract it’s important you look and feel the part.

I style a lot of business men and they always want tips on how to look good in a suit. I get so many requests I thought I would share some of my tips with you.

1)     Consider the colour of your suit vs the message you want to send

  • Blue – trustworthy, organised, reliable

  • Grey – respectable, balanced, neutral

  • Brown – homely, earthly, safe

  • Black – powerful, sophisticated, strong

2)     Do you know which shoe colour to wear with your suit? Here’s a general guide.

3)     The tie width should be the same width of the lapel so the whole look is balanced. If you want a more modern look go for a thin lapel and thin tie.

4)     Double vents in the back of the jacket also offer a more modern look.

5)     Your belt should be thin and the same colour as your shoes

6)     A pocket square is where you can add a splash of colour and a touch of your personality. It should be a different pattern and fabric to your tie. Have fun with it.

7)     If you are buying off the peg, pay special attention to the fit of your shoulders. Shoulder pads should end at the shoulders and not stick out. You should also be able to fit your hand between your chest and buttoned up jacket. It should be snug but with room to move.

8)     The bottom button of a two button jacket or the middle button of a three button jacket should either sit on or just above the navel.

9)     The bottom button on a waistcoat traditionally is kept undone.

10)     Please stay away from the current no socks look, nobody wants to see your ‘mankles’ in the office! Ensure your socks are long enough to cover your legs when you sit down and your trousers ride up.

11)     Skirt sleeve cuffs should be exposed by 0.5 inches/1.27cm.

12)  The bottom of your tie should just touch your waistband, it should be darker in colour than your shirt and the knot of your tie should be in proportion to your head – i.e big head, big knot!

Finally gentlemen please ensure you remove the tailor stitching from your jacket pockets and vents and cut off the little label from your left sleeve.