Present Your Power with Zahra Efan

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Zahra Efan Biography

Zahra is an Abundance Business coach who believes that when we come to our business already ‘feeling enough,’ believing that ‘we are enough,’  ‘we know enough,’   we not only make money with ease, but we also don’t depend on our business to make us feel whole. It is very powerful to service our clients from a place of feeling whole.  The belief in ‘our enough-ness’ firmly in place internally, we can then  create abundant lifestyle to enjoy the income we make in our business. 

Zahra believes in balance and makes fabulous income while enjoying time with her kids working 20 hours a week. She has been on TV, co-authored a best selling book and has been interviewed on 40+ on and off line media.

 She works with clients internationally who pay her 5 figures for her platinum programs. The most fulfilling part of all of this is that her clients are also enjoying the similar lifestyles as they double and triple their income while cutting their working time in half when they work with Zahra.




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