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My Soul Speaker programme gives you the opportunity to not only learn the skills to transform into a fabulous presenter, but also guarantees a BIG speaking engagement at the end of it!!!!

If you're a purpose driven female entrepreneur who has a deep desire to speak on stage and camera, who is committed out of your mind to be highly successful and you want to impact millions......then we should talk.

What if I got you a speaking engagement to an audience of 5 million … guaranteed?

Can you imagine how this would propel your speaking career?

I will teach you my Soul Speaker system, which I’ve used to create my own successful speaking career and grow my business and has helped over 2000 people to become fearless, authentic, fabulous speakers. This includes:

  • Techniques to get you confident in front of any audience
  • Authentic messaging
  • Story telling
  • Content creation
  • Stage presence
  • Image

This 6 month programme will have you FULLY prepared for your speaking engagement where you will speak about your subject to an audience of 5 million.

I’m offering an amazing platform to launch your speaking career so I'm only working with people who are fully committed with a BIG vision.

To learn more, contact me for a free 30 minute Own Your Authentic Voice Strategy Call.