Natalie Blais Biography

Natalie works with Entrepreneurs like you who want to:

Get out of overwhelm and get into action.
Have a BRILLIANT idea and need support to get it out of your head and into the world. 
Are ready to launch their program and start changing the lives of their clients and customers. Create a kick ass Social Media presence and strategy and leverage their visibility online. Create awesome webinars and livestream trainings and get out in front of their audiences. Write juicy, emotional copy so they can really make an impact on people. 
Kick their success into overdrive and quit messing around! 

She is your secret sauce to dialing in your message, making your mark and kicking up your heels in those super sexy stilettos!

Natalie Blais successfully ran a multiple six figure direct sales team until she decided that what she REALLY loved was to help other women grow their business, coach and mentor them to create the most amazing life.

Natalie is the creator of the 90 Day Launch, Social Media Booty Camp, and Ignite Your Passion Mastermind.  Natalie is also the creator of the Stiletto School of Business®”  The place for Female Entrepreneurs who want to find their authentic voice and take control of their life and business.

Natalie is Co-Creator of “The Sizzling Client Attraction Formula©” 

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