Meshell Baker Biography

Meshell Baker, The Congruency Catalyst, is a captivating and highly engaging Speaker, Trainer, Purpose Coach a well-respected teacher of VISION.  Her mission is to empower as many as possible to find joy and excitement for their lives through her uniquely crafted VISION Development Process.  Meshell’s clients, create A Clearly Defined Purpose and establish successful vision & mission strategies that increase revenues, build social awareness, and become key players in their organizations and communities.  

In April 2017, Meshell Baker is launching the DreamBIG Bus Tour, a speaking tour with a twist. The tour will begin with a limited launch across 10 cities, and will include organized speaking events, workshops and media appearances. She’ll be traveling from city to city in a 22-foot Class B recreational vehicle, decorated with one burning question: What would you do if you knew you would not fail? 

Baker’s mission is to empower her clients to experience joy and excitement for their lives through her unique VISION Development Process. She’s built her career around enlightening people around the power they possess to create circumstances and opportunities, and establish a vision so compelling that it propels them past obstacles, setbacks, fears and doubts.  By hitting the road via RV, Baker’s putting motivation in motion. Baker is looking forward to tracking the sparks that the question ignites using the hashtag #DreamBIGBus. Whether people hear her speak or just wave as they drive by, she’s planning to evoke conversation during this adventure.  Audiences can find inspiring content, social media links, and event dates and locations at 

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