Present Your Power with Laura Francis 

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Laura Francis Biography

Laura Francis is known globally as being "The most authentic, empowering leader in the business".

She has helped people all over the world to awaken their hidden genius, tap into their souls purpose and thrive as their 100% uninhibited, authentic selves.

Empowering women to badass online status using a combination of mindset, spirituality, messaging, marketing and sales funnels.

Helping them build a global brands and online fame using core-level messaging to speak to their audience.

And, her make-it-happen strategies to create more leverage and freedom in their businesses, so they can spend more time doing shit they love.

Laura has been studying personal development since she was 15 years old. She shares her message and personal journey to inspire others to pursue and unlock their hidden potential and live in true alignment.

Over the last 9 years, Laura has helped global leaders shift, stretch and grow into alignment with their true calling. And is passionate about helping people step up, stand out and live the most purpose filled life possible.

Laura is an anti-domestic violence advocate with a passion for animals and a hatred of hunting. A boxer dog mumma, lover of glam, metal and punk rock. She’s a tattooed badass who enjoys rollerblading, stand-up-paddle boarding and at 44 has recently added skate-boarding to the mix.

Oh, and she’s also badass mumma to two adult daughters.


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