Present Your Power with Crystal Cave


Crystal Cave Biography

Crystal Cave is a celebrity stylist turned style educator and fashion designer. She is the Founder of Crystal Cave Style, an online education company focused on helping women become their own stylists + the founder + creative director of Poppy Row, a clothing line of modular basics.

After starting out in a successful marketing career, Crystal decided to follow her dream of becoming a celebrity stylist and worked between NY and Los Angeles on the teams behind many major brands including Taylor Swift, Mercedes, Billboard Music Awards, among many others. After an eye injury that set Crystal up for months, she found the power of personal development and started to bring it into her work of merging personal style with personal development.

Now, over 5 years later Crystal has built a successful personal styling business online that teaches the women of being their full selves + expressing it through their style. From her background as a stylist, she realized there was a need in the market place for functional, stylist basics that were sustainably made, which has had her recent focus on the launching of her clothing line, Poppy Row. Poppy Row is an extension of what Crystal set out to create from day one - a world where we find self expression and equality irregardless of size.

She’s been featured on various media outlets to share her mission of helping all women feel amazing in their bodies + style, no matter their size. She’s been seen on ABC, NBC, Boston Globe, Live About, Mind Body Green, Huffington Post. You can find her at and 




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