Amy Selbach Biography

Amy Selbach is a brand strategist, global marketing and business consultant for international companies and countries and mother to a toddler (her favorite role of all). She has traveled to over 65 countries for both work and play, usually a combo. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs get started with affordable resources and DIY skills, she has worked for 13 years helping small business owners take the first steps to launch. She leads business-development workshops, marketing courses, and consults privately. 

She has lived and worked in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe devising marketing and communications brand strategies for both countries and companies from non-profits to Fortune 500s. She has interviewed over 100 heads of state and international CEOs for producing country promotions in 14 international markets.

4 years ago she launched her first brick and mortar business, Taut Body studio, Taut Body workout programs and a teacher-certification program. She also has continued to run her renowned Ignite Incubator program from her studio. 

Her primary focus and passion right now is inspiring and guiding businesses and individuals to get clear, connected and committed to their own unique path and brand through education, training and consulting at

She divides her time between California and Kenya and loves anything in nature— hiking, skiing, surfing, and ass-kicking workouts. If she has to stay indoors, nothing is better than music, a notebook and a great book.

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