Adèle McLay Biography

Adèle McLay has been a successful business consultant/adviser and coach/mentor to businesses – big and small – for over 25 years. She is also a successful entrepreneur and an investor. 

She founded the brand: Small Business Huge Success™ which informs and inspires small business owners around the world to achieve greater sustainable profitable success in their businesses which she is currently preparing to scale into a global e-learning business. 

Adèle’s written two business books: BIG Profits – 12 Strategies to Substantially Grow YOUR Business Profit, and Branded You – How To Stand Out in Business and Achieve Greater Profitability and Success. 

She’s an experienced and engaging business keynote and motivational speaker and is seeking to give more keynote speeches across the world.

 Originally from New Zealand, Adèle has lived in London since 2006. 

Adèle’s personal interests are many and varied, including keeping fit, strong and healthy; ballroom and Latin American dancing; the arts in all forms; international travel; reading and learning; playing Bridge (card game)…. baking and cooking.... and much more.... Always challenging herself to experience as much as possible in life, Adèle trained and competed in a White Collar Boxing match in London last December and is now training to compete natural body building competition later this year. 

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