About Abigail Rebecca


Abigail Rebecca is the Stylish Camera Confidence Coach, CEO and founder of abigailrebecca.com and the Whole Shebang Project

After working over 20 years in corporate as a senior leader and training and mentoring hundreds of people on public speaking and talking to camera, Abi decided that enough was enough, moved to the seaside and embraced her inner hippy. 

She re-trained as a Personal Stylist at the London College of Fashion and started her own business as a Personal Stylist based in Knightsbridge, London. She very quickly became disillusioned with buying designer handbags for people in Harrods and decided that she didn’t just want to help with the outer look. She also wanted to empower people to look and feel incredible to give them more confidence and create the business and life of their dreams.

She took her business on line and started to coach, mentor and teach women how to dress for success. As more and more people were approaching her to ask how to dress for Facebook lives, webinars and pre-recorded videos she decided to niche in this area and through her programme, The Whole Shebang Project, she shows business owners and their teams how to look, feel and be camera confident, to build their audience via video on all their online platforms and convert more sales.

She lives in Brighton, UK with her partner Kev and their 1973 VW Campervan called Flossy.