A Personal Image Introduction

Never underestimate the message you are sending to the world by the clothes that you wear and most importantly, the way that you feel when you're wearing them.

My name is Abigail Rebecca and I'm a Personal Image Coach. I'm passionate about helping people discover their authentic personal style so they not only look and feel incredible but also transform their lives! Addressing your personal image and going from feeling negative to feeling really positive, creates a shift in energy and calls in prosperity and abundance.

I specialise in helping female entrepreneurs attract the right clients and make more money through their unique personal image. You can work privately with me through my Life Style VIP programme.

  • Do you want to reach your full potential?
  • Do you want to learn how to look and feel incredible?
  • Do you want to attract the right clients and make more money?

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Want to see one of my styling sessions in action? Watch my beachwear styling session with my wonderful client Kelly.

I've learnt lots about myself in the last 6 weeks since first starting to work with you. Thank you so much.  The biggest realisation is that this is a journey and that how I feel about myself every day starts with me making a decision to make an effort and create a look for myself that starts on the inside and permeates outwards. The way I dress is an absolute reflection of how I feel on the inside and how I want to express myself to the world. There is no issue with how much my clothes cost only with how I feel about myself and how I present myself.

I see myself as strong. Since starting this with you I have changed my food, coffee intake and restructred my day. I have my mojo and self belief coming back (in corporate) I was hiding and I didnt know it. Working with you has highlighted all the areas for me to grow into. 

In April next year I will be 40. I love that I am spending my 39th year getting myself ready inside and out for such an amazing  milestone. After seeing the difference 6 weeks can make I can't wait to see how I feel in my body and in my life this time next year. 

Thank you so much for showing me what you have. Forever grateful, Kel x